TV commercials, Online brand films, fashion films and more - we get commissioned to do lots of different projects here at INTRASPECTRUM STUDIOS.  From products to fashion, cars to pushchairs.  We like to tell a story whether that be about your latest product or your newest service.  Why don't you check out or showreel below to see what we can do?


Stihl - tv commercial

INTRASPECTRUM STUDIOS were commissioned to make STIHL's first UK TV commercial.  Stihl wanted to show a real person using one of their new products in a real life situation.  What better than to film the UK's top female ice sculptor - Anne-Marie Taberdo.   Broadcast on prime time Channel 4 along with a huge print campaign.

iCANDY- TV Commercial

RECENTLY, Intraspectrum Studios were commissioned to create a dynamic lifestyle commercial for high-end pushchair brand iCandy. With an emphasis on style and durability, we showed how the pushchairs complement every aspect of modern life, filming in diverse locations in and around Norfolk 


INTRASPECTRUM STUDIOS were commissioned to make a film for The British Tourist Board's (Visit Britain) #OMGB campaign.  To be released online - the spec was simple - make it 'Epic'.  Intraspectrum Studio's director Jonathan Stow made a short travel film which followed a small group of cyclists through their journey through South Wales. 


In collaboration with Battlecat studios, Intraspectrum created a beautiful fashion film for the Launch of Fenwick’s new £40 million flagship store.  A beautiful mix of animation and live action to celebrate the history of the brand. 

the Mercure's Party

The Mercures Party is a fashion film that features the living doll Pandemonia and features the fashion stylings of Ricardo Medina.

Commisioned by Mercure.


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Some of our recent clients: