We love Music! Check out some of our music projects below.

State of Grace 

A music video made by Intraspectrum Studios' for Freddie Dickson.  Starring Damien Johnson and Roderick Burrow Jr.  State of Grace is a beautiful and moving video shot on location at The Asylum in Peckham.

RusSian Doll

In early 2018, Intraspectrum Studios  made the video for new single Russian Doll by British punk band The Midwich Cuckoos.  Shot at a Banger racing track we smashed up cars and caravans to create this epic music promo. 

Early Girl

Check out this new video for Early Girl – a beautiful film equally matched by the beautiful voice of Fender's 'Undiscovered Artist of the Year' Hattie Briggs.  

This video will make you soar!

Lightning Strikes

A haunting film to a beautiful song.  Starring Ethan Quinn - the film is a coming of age story of a lost boy who makes a startling discovery in the woods.  Set in the eighties, the three converging stories all come to a head as Lightning Strikes!!

Victor Vox

We made a music video for the awesome Victor Vox’s new single sidewalk empire. He is awesome - check him out here.

Festival Voices

From Pencil Music and Festival Voices comes a promo for their new project. A collaboration between classical muscians, dj’s and dancers. They toured this project to Lattitude Festival and beyond.