James Riley - Lightning Strikes


It all started when...

James Riley approached Intraspectrum's Jonathan Stow to direct and produce his debut single's music video.  A haunting track recorded in Nashville that would launch James Riley's unique voice and style onto the London Music scene, needed a complementing music video that would be as beautiful as the song.

The video was filmed over two days in the UK countryside with up and coming star Ethan Quinn - a regular on stage in London's West End.

Supported by Adrian Annis and the captivating Sophia Linehan-Biggs. 

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow.


Boy: Ethan Quinn
Man: Adrian Annis
Woman: Sophia Linehan-Biggs


Cinematographer: Barbara Van Schaik
1st Assistant Camera: Nacho Guzman
2nd Assistant Camera: Donny Johnson
Gaffer: Alessandro Felici
Spark: Josh Giles
1st Assistant Director: Ari Rissotti
Production Designer Katherine Burke
Makeup Artist: Anita Stevens
Production Assistant: Steph Singer
Production Assistant: Sophie Cotton
Driver/ 2nd Camera: Paul Hines
Special Effects: James Riley
Editor and VFX:  Frank Lee A. Mazing
Grading: Chris Teeder


Midwich Cuckoos - Russian Doll Music Video


It all started when...

In May last year we headed to Essex Arena Raceway for a day of banger-racing in order to capture footage for the new Midwich Cuckoo video Russian Doll.  We used wind, rain, fire and smoke effects to create this exciting new film featuring multiple car-crashes, caravan crashes(!) and fire-breathing dancers!


Directed by Intraspectrum’s Jonathan Stow and featuring animation and VFX work by the ever-talented Philip Davies of Battlecat Studios.

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow.

DOP - the awesome Ewan Mulligan!


Victor Vox Music Video


It all started when...

A new venture spearheaded by Victor Marichal, Victor Vox has an arguably more traditional vibe than Victor and the Raindog and in our video we were keen to show off the skill and flair of these talented musicians. We therefore chose to gatecrash one of their recording sessions and catch them in mid-flow at Eastcote Studios as they put together their brilliant new, self-titled EP ‘Victor Vox’.

CURRENTLY PRE-RELEASE - if you would like to view - please contact us for a password.

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow





A medley of all your favourite 90s TV show themes, this new tune by London duo Lowla now has a 90s-inspired video to match – created and concepted by us here at Intraspectrum Studios!

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow


Rodeo King - Short Film


Short Narrative Film

In this Spaghetti Western inspired short film “A Cowboy faces off against a Bull one last time”.

Rodeo King is a short film inspired by the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. It tells the story of a world-weary cowboy preparing to battle a mighty bull. The story is an allegorical one with a unique twist at the end.  It was written and directed by Jason Julien-Connage.

Produced by Argonaut PIctures

Edited and coloured by Jonathan Stow here at Intraspectrum Studios.




Photography Projects



Jonathan Stow is also a talented photographer and his work has been featured in various publications including The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and on the front cover of Make-up Artist Magazine. Here you can see a selection of his stills-work from a variety of different projects demonstrating his keen eye for detail and fascination with light.