Diamonds and Dead Things



Kelly McCallum works with a combination of found-objects, precious metals and Victorian taxidermy to create pieces that range from jewellery to larger art installations. Her work is influenced by both story-telling and natural history and by the line between life and death. Of her work she says: ‘I’m fascinated by insects feeding on death, and the boundaries between life, metamorphosis and rebirth. You could say my work is a reflection on time ticking away’.


In our documentary, we were keen to explore the nature of her challenging and innovative work, and to hear from Kelly herself about the driving force behind her creations.


Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow


Bamboo Biker Boys


It all started when...

Established by James and Ian in 2010, The Bamboo Bicycle Club helps people who are passionate about cycling to design and build their own bamboo bicycles.

As two bike-riding engineers themselves, The Bamboo Biker Boys were inspired by their own experiments in bamboo frame-building and decided to create a cycling community to help others build their own custom cycles that were beautiful, robust and sustainable.

We at Intraspectrum wanted to document their pioneering work by filming one of their weekly classes at their workshop in East London’s Hackney Wick, before capturing the Bamboo Bike Club alumni as they cycled through the streets of London with their favourite bamboo bikes.

Original Music by Arild Iversen

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow


Holestar - the Tranny with a ............


Who is Holestar?

Holestar is no ordinary performer. As a belting vocalist, DJ, writer of popular culture, promoter and Mistress of Ceremonies she has been blurring the boundaries between gender, the avant-garde and pop culture since 2003.


However, as a former British soldier, brothel receptionist and dominatrix, her journey to drag-stardom has not been straightforward or easy. Therefore, as well as capturing some of her dazzling one-woman show, in this candid documentary we went deeper to find out what led Julie Hole to become ‘the Tranny with a Fanny’ and to hear from the woman behind the make-up. 


Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow