Saft Batteries / VR Group Customer Story


Saft Batteries / VR group Customer Story


A short corporate film for French Battery Manufacturer Saft Batteries. Shot in Bordeaux and Helsinki. 

Saft are the producer of choice for some of the world's most demanding customers and their batteries, systems and solutions make a difference across a broad range of market sectors. Saft is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total.

Saft serves a huge range of market sectors from aerospace to marine, from rail to telecoms and health, offering battery solutions for many different types of applications.

VR Group is a versatile, environmentally friendly and responsible travel and logistics service company.

VR Group is a wholly owned Finnish company. They operate mainly in Finland, but also abroad, especially in Russia. They employ 6,300 professionals and their annual turnover is about one billion euros. 
The purpose of their operations is to move people and freight with customer-oriented solutions - smoothly, safely and environmentally friendly.

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Stow for Peanut & Crumb.